I deeply value the undergraduate education I received at a small liberal arts college and strive to build a similar environment in the classroom. In particular, I seek to 1) foster an inclusive environment where students feel comfortable speaking up and asking questions and 2) teach students to tie material from the course to other, more familiar aspects of their life, which increases their learning and retention.

During my time at Vanderbilt, I've taught two courses of my own and worked as a teaching assistant in many other courses. Below, I've listed the courses I have experience with, syllabi I've created, and excerpts from student evaluations.

Instructor (Vanderbilt University)

Intermediate Microeconomics -- Summer 2019



Intermediate Microeconomics -- Summer 2020*



* course was taught remotely

Evaluation Excerpts

"Prof McCrary was always extremely prepared and willing to answer our questions, and could always find a way to say things in a different way to help us understand. Was constantly going the extra mile to help and was always so welcoming in office hours or after class for questions about the course or about Economics in general. Really excellent."

"The problem surrounding stimulus checks from the last exam genuinely opened my eyes to the ways in which expanding my knowledge of economic theory would allow me to assess and critique governmental policies surrounding economics that affect my daily life. I discussed the problem with my parents afterwards and was genuinely excited to be able to develop my own sort of opinion based on what I had learned." (from Final Exam reflection question)

"I really liked the engaging atmosphere and the professor's willingness to help her students whenever necessary."

The above graphs average ratings (out of 5) over the Summer 2020 and Summer 2019 terms for instructors in the College of Arts and Sciences, instructors in the Economics Department, and myself.

Teaching Assistant (Vanderbilt University)

Undergraduate Courses:

Political Economy of Elections -- Spring 2022

Applied Econometrics -- Fall 2020

Economics of Risk -- Spring 2019, Fall 2019, Spring 2020

Intermediate Microeconomics -- Fall 2018

Graduate Courses:

Microeconomic Theory I (Ph.D.) -- Fall 2021

Microeconomic Theory II (Ph.D.) -- Spring 2021, Spring 2022

Microeconomic Theory (M.A.) -- Fall 2018

Full compilation of TA evaluations available upon request.

Evaluation Excerpts

"As a senior, Kayleigh was the best teaching assistant I've ever had at Vanderbilt. She made sure to break concepts down into "steps" that we would understand and made herself available at all hours to help us. When I felt confused on a topic, she would sit with me until I understood and felt comfortable with the topic. She made a huge impact in my understanding of the course material and I really enjoyed this class because of her. Her teaching made one of the hardest courses exciting and enjoyable and I am so grateful to have had her as a TA. "

"Kayleigh was extremely knowledgeable, caring, and able to communicate the course content incredibly effectively and simply. Her exam review sessions were invaluable. The best TA I've had at Vanderbilt!"

"Kayleigh is one of the most helpful TAs I have encountered. Her patience and welcoming personality are as impressive as her knowledge of the subject. I wish all my TAs were Kayleigh!"

The above graphs average ratings (out of 5) over all Fall and Spring terms between FA 2018-SP 2022 for teaching assistants in the College of Arts and Sciences, teaching assistants in the Economics Department, and myself.